JAKA Community

Welcome to the JAKA Community program – a unique membership experience designed to empower and reward creative individuals like you. Our program offers three exciting levels that allow you to showcase your artistic talents and grow alongside us. Leveling up is as simple as uploading your own designs and having them appreciated by JAKA owners, who, when they like your work, feature it in our shop. The more designs you share and the more love they receive, the higher you climb.

In Level One, we invite you to join our affiliate program, where every sale of your design earns you a handsome commission. It’s an opportunity to turn your passion into profit while spreading your creative vision. In addition to this, as you level up, you are still an affiliate, and earn money for every sale, even if you are at level 3.

Level Two grants you exclusive access to our inner circle on Instagram, where we share design drafts and sneak peeks before they hit the shop. Stay ahead of the curve, engage with our creative process, and gain insights that only our closest friends enjoy.

As you reach Level Three, you’ll receive a personalized promo code that adds an exciting twist to your creations. With each new design you share, your supporters can enjoy a special discount, making your art even more irresistible.

Join the JAKA Community program today and embark on a journey of creativity, recognition, and rewards. Elevate your passion for design with us and experience the limitless possibilities of artistic collaboration. Start uploading, start leveling up, and start shaping your future with JAKA.

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